The TV/Dish System we use does away with unsightly satellite dishes visible on apartment blocks and allows all apartments to receive Saorview and Satellite signals from one or two dishes mounted in a discreet location. This allows the Astra (Sky) and Hotbird (eastern European channels) services to be available in all apartments.

IRS (Integrated Receiving Systems)

An IRS System is the most flexible type of system to use for communal satellite systems and is suitable for apartment’s blocks big or small and provides the end user with the choice of what they wish to watch or listen to. All this can be done using one or two dishes and one aerial combined into the IRS system.
For the provision of Sky+ we will require 2 cables to be run from the IRS system to each apartment.
Tennant Options are as follows:

  1. Receive Saorview.
  2. Receive Saorview and Freesat.
  3. Receive Sky (Monthly subscription).
  4. Receive Hotbird (Eastern European channels)
  5. Benefits of an IRS System

      • Full digital switchover compliance for 2012
      • Very flexible for end user
      • Very Cost Effective
      • Tenants can choose between Free to air or subscription based services.